games by aleta

welcome to games by aleta

by moi on march 10, 2015

This site was inspired by a class that took late last year. In the class we create interactive stories and all that wonderfulness. Most of the stories/games that you'll find here are made in Twine. I plan to expand my horizons by moving on to more advanced engines, but for now I find Twine to be awesome! There is ALOT to do in Twine, it's more than just "build your own storybook," trust me. :D

the third hour

by moi on march 10, 2015

Hey all, check out the very first interactive story (IS) that I built in Twine. It's your typical horror/haunted house genre full of mystery and fun. UPDATE! The game is avaialble for download.Click Here!

upcoming projects!

by moi on march 10, 2015

Here are the upcoming IS projects that I am working on.